Custom Amplification


G2p Features:

bulletIndependent, parallel Clean and Overdrive preamps.
bulletLimiter, Boost and true Bypass footswitches.
bulletActive 3-band peaking EQ filters on each preamp channel (+/-15dB boost/cut).
bulletBass and treble tone controls fixed at 70Hz (Bass) and 6kHz (Treble).
bulletMidrange frequency control continuously variable (140Hz to 4kHz).
bulletSuper Boost Overdrive technology for harmonic heavy Lead solo's.
bullet Internal trimpots for Boost Mode - Drive, Bass, Midrange, Treble and Presence EQ.
bulletBoost preamp midrange frequency dip switch selectable at 600Hz/1.2kHz.
bullet Internal 2-position dip switch for CH2 Crunch Mode and CH2 Extra Distortion.
bullet Internal 4-position dip switch for Boost Mode, Boost Gain, HP Rolloff and Harmonics (Odd/Even).
bullet Internal 2-position dip switch for Combine Mode and CH1 Mid Frequency.
bulletBuffered line output jack (600 ohm).
bulletActive limiter for added sustain with custom tailored attack and decay curves for electric guitar.
bulletBuffered effects loop send and return jacks (preamp out/limiter in).
bulletRear panel boost volume control for Overdrive preamp blending (parallel).
bulletMusical even/odd order distortion characteristics designed specifically for electric guitar.
bulletInput impedance - 4.7 meg ohm (no pickup loading).
bullet 100% discreet analog circuit design utilizing 1% precision surface mount components.
bulletUltra quiet 560KHz switching DC power supply for +/-15VDC internal operation.
bulletSolid, diecast aluminum enclosure with durable black satin powder coating.
bulletDimensions - 7.4" W x 4.7" D x 1.3" H.
bulletUniversal 9VDC, 600mA power adapter (100-240VAC 50/60Hz operation) RoHS Compliant.






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