Custom Amplification


Custom 36 Amplifier Line

Custom 36G - "Big Gator" Classic 36W Tube Combo Amplifier - MSRP: $2899

Classic 70's Preamp design with a unique Blend control for Normal and Brite parallel Input tubes. An AGC controllled Phase Inverter for increased Sustain driving our quad EL 84 Custom 36 power amp section for that unmistakable classic sound. Foot Switchable Preamp Boost.


Custom 36G, 2x12 Combo Amplifier

Front panel layout includes Hi & Lo Inputs, Bright Switch, Balance, Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble, Presence and Master Volume controls.

3 - 12AX7 (ECC83) JJ Preamp tubes, 12AT7 (ECC81) JJ Phase Inverter, 4 - EL84 Mullard Output tubes, Jensen C12N Custom Design Speakers


Custom 36 Rear Panel Features

AC Line Input, Main Fuse, B+ Fuse, Main & Extension Speaker Output, 4-8-16 Ohm Speaker Impedence Switch,

 Preamp Output, Effects Loop - Send & Return Jacks.


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